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 Created by Andrew May


Community theater is perfectly named because it takes a community of people working together to make shows happen. We invite you to join this community! From people who pound nails to those who would like to direct a show, and everything in between, we need help to continue to grow. Even if you’ve never done anything like this before, we have a group of talented people to help you learn the ropes and teach you every aspect of what bringing a show to life is like.

Join the fun. Contact us via Facebook, our website, or stop us on the street to let us know you’re interested. BrickStreet Theatre is a 501(c)(3) organization, so your financial support qualifies as a tax deduction. Make checks out to BrickStreet Theatre.

Patron $2000+ 2 Season Tickets & 16 Passes

VIP Circle $1000-$1999 2 Season Ticket & 12 Passes

Producer $750-$999 2 Season Tickets & 10 Passes

Director $600-$749 2 Season Tickets & 8 Passes

Designer $400-$599 2 Season Tickets & 6 Passes

Actor $300-$399 2 Season Tickets & 4 Passes

Friend $201-$299 2 Season Tickets & 2 Passes

Fan $100-$200 2 Season Tickets

Our season runs January-December. Patron support can begin at any time to include a full season. If you are interested in partnering with BrickStreet contact us any time to begin your sponsorship.

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