Little Shop of Horrors

July 13-17, 2017

Little Shop of Horrors - Image & Link


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Co-Directed By: Julie and Sarah Keely

Musical Direction: Trent Teske and Travis Beck

The Cast of Little Shop of Horrors Is:
Seymour-- Jon Happel
Audrey-- Kristi White
Orin (Dentist)-- Ian Bartelt
Mushnik-- Troy Thompson...
Crystal-- Lynnea Fredrickson
Chiffon-- Jackie Emsande
Ronnette-- Amber Lenius
Audrey 2-- Voice Nathaniel Schmidt
Audrey 2-- Puppet-- Samuel Keely
Customer 1-- Mike Brown
Wino- Johnny Sanasinh
Interviewer/Dental Patient-- Micaiah Krustsinger
Bernstien-- Anton Kudej
Mrs. Luce-- Vanessa Doden
Skip Snip-- Quiliano Anderson
Patrick Martin-- Johnny Sanasinh

© 2017 Brick Street Theatre

 Created by Andrew May

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